Crisis Relief

Answering the call for families

Greece’s economic depression has pushed families to the brink. As of the fall of 2013, one in five households and nearly 600,000 children were living below the poverty line. Nearly half of all Greeks lack health insurance. These staggering numbers cannot communicate the impact on individuals and families. In the face of unrelenting austerity and government budget cuts, it is nonprofits on the ground that are repeatedly called on to do more with less.

THI, together with its relief partners, is answering the call by providing a critical safety net to families hardest hit by the crisis. These partner organizations are carefully selected based on proven track record, efficiency and transparency. Initial partners include:



THI has been working with “Desmos” since 2014. Last year it fully funded 5 interns working for 5 nonprofits for one year helping them build capacity and launch new services for their beneficiaries.


Ithaca Laundry

THI is working with “Ithaca Laundry” offering a mobile laundry service for the homeless in 5 locations across Athens.


THI was among the first donors to support the operations of the first ever hospice in Greece called “Galillee”. Through this grant, terminally ill patients in Attika receive access to hospice care and a paradigm is being established in the country.



THI was one of the first donors supporting the operations of the “GivMed” platform. An easy to use application allowing the donation of drugs from individuals to non-profits that need them, that would otherwise be disposed.


THI is a supporter of “Higgs”. The country’s only acceleration program designed and offered for small-scale nonprofits looking to scale their impact.


Working with “Symplefsi”, a network of volunteers visiting remote islands with their boats offering much-needed assistance to the local populations, THI built a new prefabricated teaching class for the public school of the remote island of Agathonisi.


THI is supporting “ELPIDA Youth” providing children fighting cancer with therapeutic interventions during their summer camp holidays.

Together for Children

For 5 consecutive years, THI has been a supporter of the “Together for Children” association. An umbrella organization that supports over 30,000 children each year struggling with poverty, abuse, chronic diseases, and various disabilities.

HOME Project

THI is supporting the work of the “HOME Project” in Athens. The “HOME Project” is a unifying initiative set up to address the needs of refugees and refugee children in particular who have arrived in Greece alone.



THI is supporting the “Collaborative Centre for Clinical Epidemiology and Outcomes Research – CLEO” on its fght against hospital acquired diseases found in Greek public hospitals.

Apostoli & IOCC

Apostoli is the largest food relief organization in Greece, distributing food to 10,000 families per month. Working with International Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC), Apostoli has launched innovative new programs to provide fresh produce and to address the food needs of students. THI’s grants have provided:

  • 1.3 Million meals
  • supported 24 agricultural associations to access better equipment
  • 62,797 gallons of heating fuel to 59 social welfare institutions in Norther Greece


THI was the sole sponsor to “ELIZA’s” Athens seminar targeting medical professionals interfering with children who are either affected or at risk of being sexually harassed or otherwise abused.

Doctors of the World Greece

Doctors of the World-Greece mobilizes volunteer doctors to provide free medical services to thousands of individuals throughout Greece. Through our grants, Doctors of the World has:

  • Vaccinated 10,000 children against a number of diseases
  • Provided primary and secondary dental treatments to over 13,000 individuals
  • Provided free examinations to nearly 1,200 women

MDA Hellas

Muscular Dystrophy Association Hellas (MDA Hellas) provides vital services to thousands of people in Greece suffering from 47 rare neuromuscular disorders. THI’s grant fully funds the operations of the organization in Thessaloniki.

SOS-Children’s Villages

SOS Children’s Villages operates a series of “villages” that provide abandoned and orphaned children with a family environment. Additionally, SOS operates six family support centers throughout Greece to keep families intact through the crisis. Through our partnership with SOS Children’s Villages Greece:

  • 8,000 individuals have been supported (4,800 children and 3,200 adults) from 500 families with 728,520 meals.
  • Support for families in Athens, Piraeus, Thessaloniki, Alexandroupolis, Kalamata


Prolepsis/Diatrofi provides one daily meal to schoolchildren throughout Greece. The situation is so difficult for many of these children, that their school lunch is the only meal that they will receive on a daily basis. Through our grant, and matched donations from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation, we have provided 130,000 meals to students suffering from food insecurity and hunger.


THI was the first organization to help “METAdrasi” launch its first ever unit for unaccompanied minors in the island of Lesvos. In 2018 it repeated a donation towards the same cause helping the organization provide a shelter and support to the children who fled war zones.

University Hospital in Heraklion, Crete

The Cardio Surgery Department of the University Hospital of Heraklion had all of the necessary equipment for surgeries, but lacked the staff. Before THI made a grant to the Cardio Surgery Department, patients requiring cardio surgeries needed to travel to Athens from Crete. The Department is now able to perform surgeries on a monthly basis.

Tokyo 2020

For a second year in a row, THI is helping 11 athletes from Greece and Cyprus to prepare for the Tokyo 2020 Games.