Anti-Graffiti Campaign in Athens – Thank You

August 4, 2021

A huge THANK YOU to all the friends of The Hellenic Initiative who sent hundreds of donations in support of our Athens anti-graffiti campaign.

The City of Athens decided to seek support to clean the streets of Plaka from graffiti vandalism and treat the walls with anti-graffiti and hydrophobic materials, to prevent new illegal posters being affixed and to make the cleaning of new tags easy. The goal was to change this area significantly and make it even more beautiful and appealing to the visitors.

The City of Athens has completed more than 40 cleaning and anti-graffiti projects in the last year and the results have been impressive. Areas such as Omonoia, Anafiotika, Patision Avenue, Panepistimiou street, Thiseio, Monastiraki have changed significantly through this process and the feedback from Athenians and visitors has been very positive.

With the support of The Hellenic Initiative and two other companies through the “Adopt your City” program, the City of Athens managed to clean 42 streets in the traditional area of Plaka including: Daidalou, Periandrou, Lysikratous, Scholiou, Markou Avriliou, Thrasivoulou, Lysaiou, Polignotou, Aiolou, Mnisikleous, Agiou Andrea, Andrianou, Vlahou Aggelou, Tripodon. Houses, shops, playgrounds, public buildings and surfaces of 8,200 square meters in total were cleaned in the past two months with the use of 350 liters of solvent material, 18,000 liters of water, 4,858 liters of painting and 150 liters of anti-graffiti material.