The Story of Isidoros Sideridis from Pobuca

May 2, 2019

Meet Isidoros Sideridis from Pobuca, a company that uses Artificial Intelligence to offer Customer relationship management (CRM) software to its clients.

Isidoros, together with his colleagues, participated in THI’s Venture Fair in 2018 (Athens) and Accelerate Greece (California) in 2019. Venture Fair prepares vetted companies for an ‘American-style’ pitch event that brings together investors from across Greece and the Diaspora. Accelerate Greece is an accelerator program for Greek entrepreneurs in Irving, California.

“The Hellenic Initiative and Accelerate Greece gave us a sense of how to enter the US market and how to get in contact with the Greek community abroad,” noted Isidoros after returning from California this past April. Pobuca is planning to enter the US market in 2020.

For Isidoros, it all started in 2000, when five friends – after graduating from university – created SiEBEN, a profitable company that was severely affected by the economic crisis and the capital controls in 2015. That challenge, though, gave Isidoros and his co-workers the opportunity to focus on becoming a product-based company within the field of retailing and branding and expanding abroad. As a result, they created a new company: Pobuca.

The new company is now a CRM software house that offers turnkey solutions to brands and retailers, employing Artificial Intelligence (AI) to unleash business creativity and productivity in the digital era. Driven by its statement of purpose: “To unleash creativity in the workplace, giving back to society,” the company contributes to Greek society, and battles the “brain drain” problem, by creating more jobs in Greece. Pobuca is also currently expanding in Poland, Dubai, and S. Africa.

Isidoros’ advice to young entrepreneurs is to do something they truly love and are good at, and to get ready for incredible highs and lows during their journey.


The Story of Isidoros Sideridis from Pobuca


The Story of Isidoros Sideridis from Pobuca