THI talks to our midwest New Leader Co-Chair: Eunice Buhler

December 4, 2020

THI’s mission is to support charity organizations and economic development in Greece. What part of your work do you see as complimentary to that?

One of the coolest things about THI is that New Leaders are called upon to bring their highest skill sets to make positive change in Greece.  Each New Leader offers his or her sharpest skills to Greek charities and young businesses.  This is also a fun approach because New Leaders work together to foster a collaborative, professional and respectful team environment.
By profession I am a corporate attorney.   THI asks me to apply my professional strategy, negotiation, presentation, analytical, writing and advocacy skills to effectively support charities and economic development in Greece.  Working with THI in this way, I feel I am making a real impact.  By the same token, volunteering with THI sharpens my professional skills.

THI New Leaders chapters are growing in leaps and bounds. Why do you think young Greeks feel the need to connect with each other?

Young people are feeling the THI energy!  We have developed an incredible community of smart, caring Hellenic young professionals from around the world. It’s exciting to be part of the THI movement.  New Leaders make a positive impact, and we have a ton of fun together.  New Leaders enjoy meeting people from every corner of the globe while also sharing Hellenic culture and a passion for doing good.  Greeks have a wonderful zest for life (“kefi”) that is multiplied when we are together. The THI New Leader community instills kefi and a deep appreciation of our Hellenic values.  Many thanks to the great leadership of Peter Poulos, Artemis Kohas and the entire excellent THI staff for fostering that community.

We hear from our New Leaders all the time that they would like to be connected to young professionals in Greece. Do you have any ideas of how you would like to make more connections with Greeks in Greece?

Now more than ever, we can communicate face-to-face even when we are 8 time zones apart.  I‘ve enjoyed participating in the THI Business Mentorship program.  By coaching a promising start-up in Greece, I’ve made new friends and have learned about business strategy in Greece.  It would be great to learn from each other even more through additional collaboration projects.  Perhaps we could work with Greeks in Greece to better serve charities there.