THI Talks to our East Coast New Leader Co-Chair: Chris Goulakos

January 4, 2021

THI’s mission is to support charity organizations and economic development in Greece. What part of your work do you see as complimentary to that?
The New Leader’s mission is to foster collaboration and connection across the Diaspora as a means to both celebrate and cherish our Greek Heritage and culture. Likewise, we seek to stimulate  the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Greece through many THI programs such as the Venture Fair, the Mentor Program and our grassroots mobilization efforts.

THI New Leaders chapters are growing in leaps and bounds. Why do you think young Greeks feel the need to connect with each other?
It is embedded in our cultural DNA to connect, explore, collaborate and celebrate together! I think many of our generation are likewise concerned that the Greek culture, history and identity is at risk to economic and demographic trends that imperil the future of Hellenism and we feel duty bound to preserve our heritage.

We hear from our New Leaders all the time that they would like to be connected to young professionals in Greece. Do you have any ideas of how you would like to make more connections with Greeks in Greece?
We recently kickstarted the Mentor program to stimulate dialogue and partnership opportunities with peers in Greece. This should be a growing platform to expand our connectivity. We are also thinking through various cultural exchanges where we can experience the many joys of our homeland in person, once we conquer Covid.