The Hellenic Initiative Approved A New $ 300,000 Grant To Sos Children’s Villages For The Continuation Of The Food Aid Program

November 11, 2015

During a Press Conference that took place today, the SOS Children’s Villages, The Hellenic Initiative (THI), and the Social Grocery Stores announced the renewal for yet another year, of the food aid program for more than 600 families affected by the crisis, and in need of immediate support.

The food aid program is implemented since 2013 from the SOS Children’s Villages in collaboration with the Social Grocery Stores and the constant support of THI, through grants amounting in total $800,000 , the $300,000 of which will be offered for the program’s continuation for the coming year.

The food aid program aims to the provision of necessary support for the relief of families that face increased difficulties, due to the current adverse financial reality.

More specifically, throughout the past two years, the program catered for the food needs of 1,000 families in Athens, Thessaloniki, Kalamata, Komotini, and Alexandroupolis, as well as of all families that reside in the SOS Children’s Villages. It is worth mentioning that the largest percentage of the families supported by the program, are single-parent or large families, where parents are long-term unemployed.

At this difficult time, with the ongoing recession and soaring unemployment, THI is the main supporter of the food aid program of the SOS Children’s Villages. Within this context and for a third consecutive year, the program will cater for the annual coverage of the basic food needs of more than 600 families (of which 800 adults and 1,250 children), through the Social Grocery Stores in Athens, Piraeus and Thessaloniki.

The selection of families that are included in the program and receive food aid was made by the competent staff of the Family Support Centers of the SOS Children’s Villages, on the basis of their adverse financial situation and their great need for immediate support.

In addition to the support of THI, 50,000 of our fellow citizens have stood by and contributed to the effort of the SOS Children’s Villages, through calling 14567. This year as well, the public will be able to support the food aid program, through a call in 14567 from either a cell phone or a land line (Charge is € 2 + VAT)

For every call THI will additionally provide the same amount, with the goal of further developing the program, and the provision of more support to our fellow citizens in need.

Giorgos Protopapas, General Director of SOS Children’s Villages stated: “Faced with the ongoing crisis, which has severely hit the families, and specifically children, in Greece, Greek expatriates, with immediate reflexes of humanity and sensitivity, are present. Within this context, I would like to thank THI, since from the moment of its establishment is supporting the work of SOS Children’s Villages, as well as for its commitment to continue for yet another year, to stand by our side and the side of the Greek society.”

Michael Printzos, THI’s Program Director, added: “Following the three years of close collaboration with the SOS Children’s Villages, we feel very proud for the fact that the food aid program for families in need, will continue for yet another year with THI’s support. The fundamental contribution of the program to the everyday life of the families it supports, as well as its successful implementation during the past years, sends a strong message of solidarity and collaboration in order to help all those that are in great need.”

George Vogiatzakis, CEO and General Manager of Marinopoulos SA stated: “Throughout the adverse times we experience, synergies betweeb social institutions is a one way street, in order to fundamentally address the food, social, and psychological needs of thousands of families in need. For us in Marinopoulos SA, this constitutes a conscious choice, thus we continue to embrace the families of the Family Support Centers of the SOS Children’s Villages with the support of The Hellenic Initiative. This year, our collaboration expands in Piraeus, supporting families through all three Social Grocery Stores in Athens, Piraeus and Thessaloniki. We will continue to provide support to all those in need, with the same love and dedication, since ‘alliances’ are the way to guarantee the effectiveness of social initiatives”.