One City. Never Ending Stories. #ThisisAthens

January 27, 2017

Athens, the city of never ending stories, is European Best Destination 2017 Nominee!

Watch the video, vote with a single click and do share with us your favorite story of this amazing city!

The Hellenic Initiative, the City of Athens (This is Athens ), Aegean Airlines  and Athens International Airport have joined forces for the first time with a common goal: the promotion of Athens as a contemporary cultural centre and an attractive, year-round tourist destination.

The campaign is being financed by the members of the partnership, with the contribution of the City of Athens secured through an exclusive donation by The Hellenic Initiative. The overall coordination of the venture is being carried out by Marketing Greece.

Marking the start of the cooperation is the launch of a dynamic campaign entitled «One City. Never Ending Stories», specifically designed to showcase the Athenian experience. Focusing on the promotion of Athens as a city of boundless possibilities and captivating stories, presented in a modern and exuberant way, the campaign’s central video uniquely illustrates all facets of Athens. In the course of just one minute, 51 images of the city – from the familiar to the lesser known – are unveiled in quick succession; 51 experiential moments from an urban environment seamlessly combining its ancient and modern characteristics and offering something unique all year round.

The campaign’s website is phasing in what will eventually be a total of 103 stories presenting snapshots of daily life in Athens, as well as featuring a broader view of Athenian life over the four seasons of the year. The central video will be followed by three thematic ones. In this way, potential visitors are given a thorough introduction to the city’s vast array of opportunities. In addition to this, the webpage functions as a tool for planning your visit to the city, featuring essential information on museums, sights, events, dining options and entertainment, as well as a profiling the distinctive features of neighbourhoods of the city.

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