A great interview with the President of Atlantic Bank, Nancy Papaioannou

February 17, 2017

Nancy Papaioannou, trailblazing woman in the banking and Greek American communities, President of Atlantic Bank and friend of The Hellenic Initiative was recently interviewed by Hellenic News of America. Take a look and learn more about how she is making a difference in the Greek American community and how she is helping Greece!

With all the negative press about Wall Street and banking excesses, why do you think banks are still important to people’s lives?

The job of the Wall Street Journal and even the rest of the Press is to point out exceptions in all professions and criticize for the benefit of their readers. Nevertheless, banking is not only certain violations or exceptions in this industry. Banking is a good friend of the individual in terms of money savings, personal loans, education assistance and almost a friend to all facets of our lives.

I would also like to mention here that when the Greek financial crisis hit, capital controls were put in place and money was tight, I was in Greece and I remember getting a phone call ; it was the president of the holding company , Mr. Ficalora, asking me “Nancy what can we do?” We will do our best as we belong to this nice family and it is very important to help, I replied. I have to recognize Mr. Ficalora, the President and CEO of New York Community Bancorp, for whatever he has done for Atlantic Bank and for me personally.

With his support, Atlantic Bank funds found their way to Greek Charities such as The Hellenic Initiative which is responding to Greek’s economic crisis by helping shape its long term recovery. Its efforts are providing a critical safety net to suffering families with food, health and other types of aid. We are one of the biggest donors of the Hellenic Initiative almost up to $80,000.00.

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Photo via Hellenic News of America