The Hellenic Initiative Granted $ 30,000 To “Galilee” Palliative Care Unit

November 26, 2018

Τhe Hellenic Initiative (THI) donated $ 30,000 to “GALILEE” Palliative Care Unit, supporting the important social work it performs with cancer and  Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis patients and their families.

THI’s covers the annual salary of a nurse of the Care Unit and the respective travel expenses for the visits to patients’ homes.

GALILEE” Palliative Care Unit provides physical, mental and social support to patients with cancer and Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and their families, in an effort to help them discover that every moment in life is valuable and can be enjoyed. Specifically, GALILEE’s” activity started in 2010 in patients’ homes, in 2011 at the Center of Day Care and Occupational Therapy and in January 2018 in the Palliative Care Unit, the first Hospice in Greece. Handling of difficult symptoms and disease-related issues, which can’t be adequately addressed at home takes place in “GALILEE” Hospice.  

The first spark for the care of patients in the final stage of life, was lit in the 1980s, when Nicholaos, then Bishop of Mesogea and Lavreotiki, got in contact with children who were hospitalized, due to heart problems, at the Intensive Care Unit of Boston Children’s Hospital, providing support to them and their families. Years later, and after he was elected Metropolitan of Mesogea and Lavreotiki, he shared his vision of creating a structure for the relief of patients with advanced cancer with healthcare scientists.

For the implementation, a three-year preparation for the training and selection of the health care experts was required, in order to staff the first home-care team of Specialist Palliative Care. At the same time, the first core of volunteers was also trained.

Until today, in its eight-year course, “GALILEΕ” has taken care of more than 850 patients. Annually, 25 healthcare experts cover more than 100,000 kilometers in over 5,000 visits to patients’ homes. Additionally, more than 600 sessions with patients of the Centre for Day Care and Occupational Therapy take place, in which patients are creatively occupied by the Unit’s trained volunteers, having the opportunity of socializing in a sensitive period of their lives.

GALILEE” is staffed by a specialized, interdisciplinary team of health care professionals, including doctors, nurses, psychologists, social workers, physiotherapists, clerics, supported by a Management Team and trained volunteers.

Mr. Drake G. Behrakis, THI Board Member stated:

“It is a great pleasure for us to actively and effectively support efforts that aim to help our fellow citizens in need. “GALILEE is a laudable initiative of the Holy Metropolis of Mesogea and Lavreotiki and a beacon of exemplary humanitarian work”.

Mrs. Aliki Tserkezoglou, Director of Palliative Care Unit “GALILEE” stated:

“GALILEE” is very grateful to The Hellenic Initiative for its trust and support. The recognition of our work actively encourages us to increase our efforts to improve the quality of life for both the patients and their families”.


The Hellenic Initiative Granted $ 30,000 To “Galilee” Palliative Care Unit
The Hellenic Initiative Granted $ 30,000 To “Galilee” Palliative Care Unit
The Hellenic Initiative Granted $ 30,000 To “Galilee” Palliative Care Unit
The Hellenic Initiative Granted $ 30,000 To “Galilee” Palliative Care Unit