The Hellenic Initiative supports the work of Cleo with a grant of $25.000

February 28, 2018

The Hellenic Initiative announces a new grant of $ 25.000 to the Center for Clinical Epidemiology and Outcomes Research, Cleo. Through its grant, THI supports the center in its efforts to improve the safety of patients and the quality of healthcare services provided in Greek hospitals, with a particular focus on the prevention of hospital infections and the rationalization of antibiotics use.

Cleo began as a small project with the purpose of solving a big problem of the Greek health system. A group of highly trained scientists of the Greek Diaspora decided to work towards improving the state of Greek healthcare, once discovering that 10% of patients in the country suffer from hospital acquired infections.

Each year, 3000 patients dies as a result of hospital acquired infections, 50% of which could have been avoided. A significant percentage of these infections are caused by microbes that are immune to antibiotics. Greece is currently at the forefront of antibiotic administration amongst all European countries. Cleo aims at the reduction of infections in Greek hospitals as well as the training of the hospital staff in the best practices implemented internationally in order to change the healthcare culture in Greece.

The grant of THI will enable Cleo to pursue a new project of antibiotic stewardship. Through the collaboration of Cleo’s research staff with specialized teaching, research, medical-nursing and administrative personnel, both from Greece and abroad, Cleo aims to survey antibiotic administration in Greek hospitals to ensure their judicious use.

Michael Printzos, THI’s Program Director, stated: “We are proud to support Cleo in its effort to prevent hospital acquired infections, but more importantly, in changing the culture of healthcare in our country. Since its inception, THI has been actively engaged in the area of crisis relief, supporting organizations that aim to solve issues which are often overlooked but make a tangible impact. The problem of hospital acquired infections constitutes one of the most significant problems in our health system, but what is more worrying is the stereotype that nothing can be done to improve the current situation. It is thus very encouraging and refreshing to stand alongside organizations such as Cleo that strive to alter this false perception”.

Theoklis Zaoutis, Cleo’s Scientific Director, stated: “We in Cleo are delighted for the support of THI, which will be crucial in promoting our efforts of rationalizing antibiotic use in Greek hospitals. Through establishing a culture of best practices in Greek healthcare, we can considerably reduce hospital acquired infections. The aid of THI enables us to tangibly improve the quality of healthcare services in Greece”.


The Hellenic Initiative supports the work of Cleo with a grant of $25.000